Sales of machinery

Equipment for paper bag production

Sleeve machine DIALOG mod. DM-52 Tuber DIALOG mod. DM-52    


Year of production: 2006
4 color built-in printer (only 2 work)
Tube width (min-max): 600-1060
Length: 300+
Cutting system: straight cut
Number of uncoilers: 4
Paper width – max. 1200
Diameter of the drum: 1000
Micro perforation blocks: yes
PCS system for pre-printed reels: yes

Bottomer G + H Progress 530                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Specifications:

Year of production: 1988
It produces flash slice open bags and valve bags with valve insert and lower closure strips, as well as all types of stepped open and valve bags
Length of bag: 43-135 cm
Bag width: 35-80 cm
Length of tube: 54-165 cm
Bottom width: 8-26 cm
Speed: 130 bags / min

Price: 220 000 €

Loader electric

Loader diesel

Loader telescopic Fadeur FTH-F307

Production year: 2003
Сapacity: 3000 kg
Transmission system: PowerShift
Equipment: fork + bucket
Turbocharged engine: 120 horses
3 kinds of steering
Radius: 7 m
Price: 20400 €

Loader telescopic Manitou BF 732

Production year: 2005
Load capacity: 3200 kg
Radius: 7 m
Running hours: 5600 m/h
Price: 24600 €

Loader telescopic MERLO P40,9 Plus

Production year: 2010
Frame levelling +/- 10%
Load capacity: 4000 кг
Perkins turbo engine
Integral boom side-shift mechanism
Equipment: fork + bucket
Radius: 9 m
Running hours: 5200 m/h
Manual control air conditioning
Speed: 20 km/h
New battery
The last review in maintenance- 06.2016
Price: 42000 €

Loader electric Linde E48

Production year: 2008
Load capacity: 5000 кг
The battery is in excellent condition 80 V
Charger to the battery 140 А
Triplex mast “full free lift”
Price: 19200 €

Hyster H3.0FT Diesel Engine Forklift Truck

Production year: 2009
Load capacity: 3000 кг
Power unit: gas
Type of truck: four wheel counterbalanced forklift
Price:16200 €